Alternatives to Texting and Driving

Alternatives to Texting and Driving

Picture your phone buzzing and cars zooming past you. Today, there is a pressure to always be connected on your phone. Because Gary Barbera Cares, he is committed to ending texting and driving. Texting is a common and often daily occurrence for many people.

Did you know that in 2015, 42% of teens said that they have texted while driving? It’s startling to think about how many people that are texting and driving. Gary Barbera Cares about your safety. He has come up with some safe alternatives to end texting and driving.

Turn Your Phone On “Do Not Disturb”

When your phone lights up with a notification, it’s hard not to look at your screen. Texts, Instagram notifications, Snapchats and emails are constantly popping up on our phones. Make sure your phone is on do not disturb when you are driving. The “Do Not Disturb” setting on your phone allows you to focus on driving. Once you are at your destination, you can easily switch the mode off and continue your day.

Set Up Text Auto-Reply

Depending on the type of phone that you have, there are apps that you can download. Chances are, the texts that you are getting are not that urgent. These apps will send an automated message to whoever sends a text to you while you are driving. This will make sure your friends know that you are not ignoring them, and that you’re just a responsible driver.

A Friend Can Help

There’s no real reason to text and drive when you’re in the car with your friends, but if you need to text someone just have your friend do it for you. This alleviates your stress and helps to keep you, your friend and other people on the road safe.

Turn It Off!

Turning off your phone might not be the most appealing option for people, but it is the safest option. This option allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes focused on the road in front of you.

Gary Barbera Cares that these tips will encourage people to stay off their phones while on the road! He is committed to ending texting and driving. Visit our website to learn more about how Gary Barbera is keeping the Boulevard safe for the people of Philadelphia.