Birds Stars Drive Barbera Cars

Birds Stars Drive Barbera Cars

Philadelphia Daily News: Gary Barbera is Coach Pederson Proud again and again!

Gary Barbera is Pederson Proud! Also seen on ABC6 and many others and heard on KYW Newsradio 1060AM, and 97.5 The Fanatic and iHeart Philadelphia stations Power 99, Q102, 104.5, WDAS 105.3, 106.1 and Fox Sports.

Bring your camera to snap shots of Carson Wentz’s Dodge Demon on the Barbera Showroom floor.

Gary Barbera’s on the Boulevard has Wentz’s Wheels with a once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase Wentz’s custom Dodge Demon – It’s Lean, Mean and YES it’s Green! A generous donation will be made by BarberaCares in the purchaser’s name to the Carson Wentz’s A01 Foundation.

GARY BARBERA IS PEDERSON PROUD! Always has been, always will. The relationship began almost 3 decades ago when the Pederson family purchased their Dodge Durango from the Barbera’s original single point Dodge dealership in beautiful Roxborough. Doug Pederson was a young quarterback for the Birds under Coach Andy Reid. Barbera’s was and continues to be where Philly stars buy their cars. Also proud of Coach Andy Reid, a longtime friend and client of the Barbera family.

Coach Andy Reid and Coach Doug Pederson have a long history together and both are Philly stars who drive Barbera cars. When Andy Reid became Kansas City’s Head Coach, Doug Pederson joined him as Offensive Coordinator in 2013.

It’s a 3 decade tradition of Birds Stars Driving Barbera Cars. It all started with Jim McMahon and continued with Vai Sikahema, Chad Lewis, Ty and Koy Detmer, Hugh Douglas, Rodney Peete, Jon Dorenbos and many, many Bird rookies in between.

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