Gary Barbera Boys and Girls Club of America – Camden NJ

Gary Barbera Boys and Girls Club of America – Camden NJ


Gary Barbera with 2014 Nominees for Boys and Girls Club of Camden

Congrats to the 2014 Boys and Girls Club – Youth of the Year nominees (pictured with Gary Barbera)

Nominees: Trevon Ellis; Nohamaly Cosme; Ezra Hudson; Abigail Jimenez; Leah Minuche; Diana Roman


Date: Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 12:12 PM
Subject: Youth of Year for “Boys and Girls Club”

What an amazing evening. Every year I look forward to our Youth of the Year competition – and this year is was no different. I sat last night and listened in amazement to six young people tell 16 strangers their story.

At the end of the evening one young person was named 2014 Youth of the Year but they all went home winners. I would ask that everyone join me in congratulating The Boys & Girls Club of Camden County’s 2014 Youth of the Year Ms. Abigail Jimenez. I would also ask that everyone take a moment to thank the panel for their hard work. Not only did they read all of the essays, but they deliberated thoughtfully for nearly an hour before coming to the conclusion that Abi will represent the Club again this year. She is amazing!!!
“Additionally, each year the Club provides a $1,000 scholarship to the youth who is selected to represent the Club. This year was no exception. What was the exception was that one of our judges was so impressed with the amazing young people that he made a generous pledge.

A pledge so very generous it brought the entire room to tears (teens, staff and adults).” Mr. Gary Barbera announced to the six amazing young people that they would each receive $1,000 to be put toward their education. Mr. Gary Barbera brought the entire room to tears with his generosity!!!!!


I always invite a diverse group of people to join our panel – donors, interested individuals, business leaders, etc. This year I invited a man who had never been to the Club but thought so much about the Club he did a commercial to collect toys for our children over the holidays. I thought that he would be a perfect fit. Little did I know that Gary Barbera has a heart as big as his personality. I am so very grateful to be sitting here today – honored, humbled, amazed and grateful! I simply cannot believe what took place last night at the Club. Each year we select a Youth of the Year to represent our Club at the State level.


Judges – thank you so much for coming to the Club and becoming a part of the Club Family. It was truly a very special evening and I remain grateful to you for your time, consideration and above all your heart!

Thank you all for everything you do for the Club and the children we serve. You are simply so very special.


With gratitude, Bernadette

Bernadette A. Shanahan