Gary Barbera Co-Sponsors Sunshine Foundation RunWalkBark

Gary Barbera Co-Sponsors Sunshine Foundation RunWalkBark

Philadelphia car dealer and philanthropist Gary Barbera dedicates his time to giving back to the city and surrounding area that he loves. Through his organization, Gary Barbera Cares, Mr. Barbera strives to support local charities and initiatives, to assist children and families in need. One of the ways Mr. Barbera has done this is by co-sponsoring the 12th Annual Sunshine Foundation RunWalkBark 4 Dreams, which took place in the Philadelphia area in 2014.

Run Walk Bark

The Annual RunWalkBark 4 Dreams event includes a 5K race, two-mile fun run, music, fun, and festivities for all. All ages are welcome to attend, and the community is encouraged to support the participants, Sunshine Foundation, and local partners putting on the event. Proceeds from the WalkRunBark event go to help many children in need that are seriously ill, physically challenged, or abused.

One of these children is 11-year-old Kyle, who suffered an intrauterine stroke at birth that caused cerebral palsy. Through the support of the Sunshine Foundation, Mr. Barbera, and other community donations, Kyle and other children are able to realize their dreams so they can focus their attention on being kids and enjoying life.

The Sunshine Foundation has answered the dreams of 37,000 children since 1976, and around 44 percent of families they help are living in 100 percent poverty, according to federal poverty guidelines. Having been in the car business for more than 30 years, Mr. Barbera strives to do what he can to support families in Philadelphia and its surrounding communities. By teaming up with organizations such as the Sunshine Foundation, Mr. Barbera is able to give back to families in need and do the things that matter most in life.