Gary Barbera Contributed to the Philadelphia Academies Auction

Gary Barbera Contributed to the Philadelphia Academies Auction

Noted philanthropist and Philadelphia car dealer Gary Barbera is in the business of helping people get the opportunities they deserve in life. In addition to being the owner and operator of Barbera’s Autoland, Gary Barbera is the founder of Gary Barbera Cares, an organization committed to serving the community through financial assistance, and support of charities and public initiatives. One such way that Mr. Barbera contributes to the community is by giving gifts to organizations that help students achieve their goals.

Gary Barbera Community Work

When the Philadelphia Academies held their annual auction, Gary Barbera made a contribution to the event. The organization was able to make more than $130,000 in profits from the event, which went toward sustaining work to improve the living conditions and economic options of public school students in Philadelphia. When asked about the event, Mr. Barbera had the following to say:

“The Philadelphia Academies help the community in so many ways. I’m just glad I can contribute to a cause that continues to improve our great city.”

The Philadelphia Academies help public school students through career-focused programming that prepares them for post-secondary education and employment opportunities. Their mission aligns with that of Gary Barbera, who aims to give back to the community that has embraced him and given him the chance to be successful. Through Gary Barbera Cares, Mr. Barbera helps disadvantaged children and families get access to higher education with scholarships and services that put them first. You can learn more about Gary Barbera Cares by calling (610) 525-7827.