Gary Barbera Keeping Philly Fed With Philabundance During COVID-19

Gary Barbera Keeping Philly Fed With Philabundance During COVID-19

Philadelphia sports franchises, leaders and citizens step up to keep Philly fed.

As reported by KYW Newsradio 1060 broadcasting with media partnership exposure and donations honoring frontliners and clients.

Governor Wolf has deemed automobile online sales as essential and due to Senate Bill 841, auto sales will now be allowed to take place online. When the Governor pumped the brakes on vehicle sales, Gary Barbera and the Barbera Family shifted gears to double down with their BarberaCares Programs.

Gary Barbera commented, “We are continuing with ours Service, Save, and Support – We continue to serve during these unprecedented times.”

Gary Barbera continues to help with the food insecurity and need by donating to Philabundance in honor of the Barbera Service and Parts, Tire, Accessories Center clients and now the Barbera Curbside Touchless Delivery online clients and broadcasting how Philabundance is driving away hunger and keeping Philly fed during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Philabundance changes local lives. Gary Barbera on the Boulevard and their Barbera Cares Programs thank Philabundance for helping our neighbors with food scarcity and insecurity. Gary Barbera is continuing his support of Philabundance by monetizing his media partnerships to spread the word of the great work and needs of Philabundance.

Gary Barbera appreciates the sincere gratitude expressed by Glenn Bergman, Executive Director of Philabundance. The outpouring of support for Philabundance demonstrates how vital a lifeline they are to thousands of our brothers and sisters in the Delaware Valley. The Barbera Family and Employees applaud donations from local sports team franchises, local celebrities and all the donors demonstrating their citizenship which continues to inspire many other contributions. Last year alone 30 million pounds of food were distributed through Philabundance and its member agencies. This year will be unprecedented. Philabundance can stretch every dollar to feed families.

$1 dollar donation to Philabundance can be stretched to provide 2 complete meals. $25 dollar donation to Philabundance can provide 2 large care packages for families.

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