Gary Barbera on the Boulevard Lawn Signs Thanking All Essential Workers

Gary Barbera on the Boulevard Lawn Signs Thanking All Essential Workers

In Northeast Philadelphia, spring has sprung, and Barbera lawn signs have sprouted up along Roosevelt Boulevard. These signs are thanking essential workers for their dedication during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. You can view Gary Barbera’s thank you lawn signs here:

Today we are more profoundly grateful than ever for all of our essential workers-doctors, hospital staff, nurses, first responders, Philly’s finest police officers, fire fighters, security guards, corrections officers, EMT’s, and pharmacists, who work day and night to keep us safe, and those who provide us with our everyday essentials including the US Postal Service, restaurant workers, truck drivers, delivery carriers, and all of the grocery store employees.

As you work around the clock putting yourselves at risk to fight the ravages of COVID-19 pandemic, Gary Barbera’s on the Boulevard honors and thanks your specific expertise and commitment to our city of Philadelphia and our surrounding communities.

We have all had reason to give thanks for the care and professionalism of nurses, doctors and hospital workers. Our essential workers shoulder some of the biggest health care burdens. They perform difficult work and endure long hours, while risking injury, infection and the mental health burden that accompanies such work.

Gary Barbera says, “In these traumatic times, I say to all health care workers and all essential workers: We stand with you and we count on you. You make us proud; you inspire us. We are indebted to you and appreciate your service and sacrifice. Thank you for the difference you are making, every day and everywhere.”

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