Gary Barbera Rallies for Local Northeast High School Volunteer Distribution of Chromebook Laptops

Gary Barbera Rallies for Local Northeast High School Volunteer Distribution of Chromebook Laptops

COVID-19 response of Philadelphia school closures, Northeast High School distributes digital learning tools to students who need them. 

Gary Barbera thanks all the front-line dedicated, self-less volunteers who distributed the Chromebooks to the students for their digital learning at Northeast High School and especially Principal Omar Crowder and State Representative Jared Solomon for making the Great Northeast’s future even greater.

Principal Omar Crowder, the administrators, and the teachers of Northeast High School consisting of 3,400 plus students have unchartered territory ahead of them along with countless schools across the country; set up students to continue this school year totally online in response to COVID-19 school closures.

Local leaders, fundraisers, teachers, and businesses made sure Philadelphia students have access to the computers they need to continue their school year at home. In a weeklong process, the Chromebooks for Northeast High School on Cottman Avenue were distributed in a safe organized manner by the faculty, officers and Philadelphia School District volunteers at Northeast High School.

Principal Crowder said, “at least 1000 Chromebooks were distributed to his students.”

Gary Barbera along with State Representative Jared Solomon are among the leaders who came together to thank the faculty and volunteers led by Omar Crowder, Principal.

Gary Barbera commented, “this is one of our hometown hero neighborhood schools and they deserve to have a level playing field for this educational transition and support to acclimate in this environment of uncertainty. These digital tools are critical and needed to be provided as quickly as possible to the students who do not have home access to this technology. Over 40% of Philadelphia students did not have digital access at home. COVID-19 pandemic is causing a multi-layer effect across so many levels of our communities basic needs.”

The accomplishments of Northeast High School under Principal Crowder’s leadership, Best High School 2019 by U.S. News and World Reports and 2019 Public League Champions in Girls Lacrosse, Football, Wrestling, Cheerleading, and Boys and Girls Track & Field, suggests that they have a track record of rising above challenges and are attuned in making it happen even during trying times.

The School District of Philadelphia had launched their Chromebook effort to loan students who need computer access for digital learning during the Philadelphia School closures due to COVID-19 response changes. The District will loan a Chromebook to every District K-12 student who needs one for learning at home per the Philadelphia School District website.

For more information about the Chromebook Loaner Program and assistance with internet access please click on the below Philadelphia School District Link.

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