Gary Barbera Salutes All Heroic Nurses Everyday

Gary Barbera Salutes All Heroic Nurses Everyday

KYW broadcasts: National Nurses Week and the heroic healthcare workers. Gary Barbera on the Boulevard salutes the heroism of all the Philadelphia nurses and nurses everywhere for their service and sacrifice with a message on KYW Newsradio 1060 AM. We are more profoundly grateful than ever for all our local nurses for their expertise, compassion, and dedication to our healthcare and our well-being.

As you work around the clock putting yourselves at risk to fight the ravages of COVID 19 pandemic, we at Gary Barbera on the Boulevard honor and thank your specific expertise and commitment to our city of Philadelphia and our surrounding communities.

We have all had reason to give thanks for the care and professionalism of nurses, doctors, and hospital workers. Our essential workers shoulder some of the biggest health care burdens. They perform difficult work and endure long hours, while risking injury, infection and the mental health burden that accompanies such work.

Gary Barbera says, “In these traumatic times, I say to all health care workers and all essential workers, you make us proud; you inspire us. We are indebted to you and appreciate your service and sacrifice. Thank you for the difference you are making, every day and everywhere.”

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