The Gary Barbera Jeep Wave

The Gary Barbera Jeep Wave

The Jeep Wave is an iconic common courtesy extended among Jeep owners to acknowledge mutual respect for each other’s ride, and it signifies the realization of the true capabilities of the Jeep. Gary Barbera Cares about the Jeep Wave!

History of the Jeep Wave

Many people don’t know this, but the Jeep Wave was originally a way to warn soldiers in World War II of danger. Jeeps were first introduced at the beginning of WWII. Others believe that the Jeep Wave began after the soldiers returned home from war. Since the Jeep played such an intrical part in the war, the soldiers formed a connection with the car. Upon returning home, many soldiers purchased Jeeps for themselves and would wave at other soldiers passing by.

What is the Wave?

You may be wondering what the Jeep Wave is? It is an honor that is given to Jeep owners of all kinds. The camaraderie that the Jeep Wave brings to its owners is truly a testament to the community that Jeep is building. A community where strangers are interacting with each other, usually bringing a smile to their faces. The little hand gesture on the top of the steering wheel is much more than a “peace sign”. When you are driving home from a long day at the office and see another Jeep coming towards you, that little hand gesture really makes the day better. Knowing that there is someone out there trying to be friendly to a complete stranger makes you feel a lot better.

Jeep Exclusive Membership

Did you know that if you are a Jeep owner that there is an exclusive membership program that offers exciting benefits and perks to bring Jeep owners 24/7 support? With this membership you can receive maintenance, including oil changes and tire rotations annually, invitations to Jeep brand events, premium discounts, rentals and trip interruption coverage.

Gary Barbera Cares

Let’s face it, the story behind the iconic Jeep Wave is pretty amazing. From its beginning in WWII to the all new exclusive membership, Jeep has grown to become one of the most well-known car brands. Because Gary Barbera Cares , he is continuing the Jeep legacy and tradition! Are you ready for a test drive? It pays to have a Jeep because Gary Barbera Cares about YOU!