The Perfect Football Tailgating Essentials for your Jeep!

The Perfect Football Tailgating Essentials for your Jeep!

Take your Jeep down to the football tailgate this season. As the game before the game, tailgates are an awesome tradition that allows you to show your team pride and bring some fun entertainment to your friends and family. Just bringing drinks and food won’t cut it, a great tailgate isn’t simply thrown together last minute. There plenty of other essential elements that make a tailgate epic! Make sure you do some pre-game planning. Gary Barbera has a list of the perfect tailgate essentials, so you can enjoy the game in style. Here’s where to start:


For the ultimate tailgate, bring a canopy for less-than-perfect-weather, some folding chairs and a folding table for somewhere to put all the food and keep it out of the sun. Plastic cups, forks, knives, plates and napkins are needed when you’re bringing food. You can also bring a mesh food net to put on top of the food to keep the flies and bugs away.

Keep the Drinks Cold

You can’t have a tailgate without beer! Don’t forget to bring your favorite drinks and a cooler to keep them cold, no one likes warm beer. Be prepared with koozies, a bottle opener and a cork screw, just in case.


What’s a tailgate without the food? Meat is the staple of a tailgate! From the classic hot dogs and hamburgers to a delicious steak and kabobs. If you want steak or chicken, make sure you marinate the meat the night before to get the best flavor possible (your guests will be impressed).


You can bring all the food you want, but if you don’t have anything to cook with then it might be pointless, so make sure you pack a grill. The tailgate doesn’t officially start till you start grilling some summer specialties like, sizzling hot dogs and hamburgers! Although your Jeep would be spacious enough to bring a full-size grill, you don’t need to haul your huge patio grill along. A small portable grill will do the job.


Hot dogs and hamburgers aren’t the same without buns, ketchup, mustard and relish, so don’t forget the condiments! Be sure to bring chips for your guest to snack on, and if you’re feeling ambitious, you can even bring dessert.


Playing games are a great way to kill time before the game starts. Cornhole and ladder toss will add some flair to your tailgate. Keep the party alive by turning up the music in your Jeep or bringing a speaker for the music.

Before the game begins, make sure you leave extra time to clean up before heading into the stadium. This is an essential part of the tailgating process. Keep hand sanitizer, wet wipes, paper towels and garbage bags to make clean up quick and easy. After you’ve packed up your Jeep, go enjoy the game! Check out Barbera Autoland for all your Jeep needs.