What a Wonderful Day at Widener Memorial School’s 2019 Widener Day

What a Wonderful Day at Widener Memorial School’s 2019 Widener Day

Gary Barbera’s BarberaCares program was once again honored to be invited to the 33rd Annual Widener Day Event. During the month of May, the 35th police district, The Fire Department, SEPTA community businesses, family, students, teachers, aides, advocates and community services have gotten together to celebrate the unity and positivity of Widener Memorial School located on West Olney Avenue while entertaining the students.

BarberaCares always looks forward to bringing their special fun vehicles such as the Prowler to the special students of Widener Memorial School.  The Barbera Bear made a welcomed appearance for picture taking with the students and a fun dance off with the Pep Squad from Girls Catholic High School and with the students.

Not many realize that The Widener School is a kindergarten through 12th grade school that specializes in teaching students with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and spina bifida.  That’s their primary disability, some students also have secondary disabilities that inhibit education. The students’ needs are met both physically and educationally per the individual needs of each child.

Gary Barbera says this is the most gratifying of events.  The Widener Memorial School and their fine teachers and aides are amazingly dedicated to all of the students, to their education, health, welfare, and quality of life.  We’ve participated for over 20 years and it truly moves us to see the students working hard alongside their families and aides. Truly humbling. Thank you to Principal Harris Gaffin Carlos Rudoi, Maria Rogers, Widener Day Chair and all the staff and students for the hospitality.

Barbera Cares so please don’t Text and Drive.  Are the students and staff of Widener Memorial School the Best Boy I Guess!